Monday, June 15, 2009

Science: a call to arms

We live in a world made by science. From putting on the coffee pot in the morning to switching out the lights at night, everything we do involves some or other product of science. Yet science does not ask that we pay homage to it. It does not require us to attend service or pray at its altar. We do not even have to obtain a minimum understanding of science before we make use of its products.

Science does not assert truth without reason and evidence. Science does not dictate how we live our lives. The essence of science is a devotion to discovering what is real. It tolerates dissent, and absorbs change when it is clear that the existing understanding is flawed. The professional opinion of one scientist is worth more than the views of a thousand twittering idiots.

And yet, for the very reason that it is so tolerant, science does not respond aggressively when it is pissed on by uninformed morons. Science makes no philosophical comments. It is polite to its detractors. The irony is that virtually all of the anti-science, anti-reason brigade make active use of technology to opine that science is flawed, untrue or "just a theory".

It's time for that to change. It's time for us to teach the troglodytes just how powerful a scientific theory is. It's time to show the world that not all opinions are equal. It's time for the talking heads to show a little goddamned respect to science. They owe it.

This is a call for scientists to stop appeasing the unwashed masses. Stop allowing them to claim that their ideas are just as valid as scientific theories. Tell them the truth: that when it comes to reality, science is the only game in town. All the rest is noise. When they whine about their personal beliefs, tell them to put up or shut up.


Anonymous Frankie said...

"Science is using God's tools to prove that he doesn't exist"


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