Thursday, May 13, 2010


Here's another handy class in the spirit of WeakEventHandler. It's useful when you want to run work on a background thread, but wish to provide a callback that will be run on your own (usually UI) thread. Apparently Silverlight users will find this particularly useful, there being no Application.Current.Dispatcher in Silverlight, but as an almost-exclusively WPF user, I use it as helpful shorthand for "call me back on my own thread".

The class:

public class CrossThreadAction<TData> : DependencyObject
Action<TData> target;

public CrossThreadAction(Action<TData> target)
{ = target;

private void Invoke(TData data)
Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(target, data);

public static implicit operator Action<TData>(
CrossThreadAction<TData> cta)
return cta.Invoke;

Use it as follows:

private void StartWork()
// using a server method with signature
// void DoWork(Action<string> callback);
server.DoWork(new CrossThreadAction<string>(FinishWork));

private void FinishWork(string result)
textBlock1.Text = result;

WPF users may make it slightly less heavy by inheriting from DispatcherObject instead of DependencyObject. Also, beware of storing an instance in an untyped variable; generally it's a good idea to cast it to Action<TData> as soon as you've created it.

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